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Our goal is to make Sony listen to its customers and improve the PlaystationTM Network. We use the hashtag #BetterPSN on twitter to reach them. (Always remember to stay as polite as possible - this is very important!)

  • Post anything on twitter related to this topic with hashtag #BetterPSN and include @yosp, @amboyes and @toshimasa_aoki in it
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Latest suggestions


trophy rewards »

thay need to make trophies important like if u get all the trophies for kingdom Hearts 1 it should unlock psn avatars or when u go to play kingdom Hearts 2 u unlock stuff u can only get from playing the first game I have one seen gears of War do something like this


Trophy Completion Tracking »

Add a Trophy Completion Tracking system where you can track the percentage of completion of trophies. This is extremely crucial, especially with games that require a huge amount of objectives (eg. The trophy in AC Syndicate where you have to destroy 5000 destructibles which is ridiculously long :P). We need this because these trophies, like the one i mentioned above,thesethe kind of trophies where you don't know how much you have finished of it and how much you need next. Most importantly, you wont even know if you are on the right track


PSN Moderation and Report System needs to be fixed. »

Sony themselves have admitted to me on the phone their Moderation and Report system is warped. I'm threatened with rape and murder on a daily basis online and whenever I report these messages they tell they did not breach their code of conduct. However when I respond to someone asking me what they're friend said in a community and I tell them they threatened to rape me, apparently that's not an appropriate use of the word. Also if you are in a group message and one person swears and you respond but you don't swear you can get banned. It's disgustingly unfair and the facts they refuse to lift your bank is ridiculous.


Change DOB »

Let gamers change their Date of Birth at least once. Many have put the wrong one by accident.


No data speed cap!! »

I want your psn servers to allow my 150mbps Internet to actually download and perform at that rate


Time Schedule game downloads and DLC. »

Schedule downloads to certain time frames, allot of users have capped accounts normal hours and uncapped midnight to morning (00h00 to 07h00). 50GB a game eats a 100GB account quite quick. PS3 had the option to turn on at (02h00) and update, or like Torrent clients.


Send video clips thru messages »

allow us to send video clips to our friends not just screenshots


PlayStation Pins »

Before anyone gets confused, pins as in the pins you get and put on your shirt like buttons. What if we use pins similar to steam badges to show a lot of accomplishments in the community. Let's say you've been a member for 7 years then you get a pin that shows your status or if you platinum a game you get a special pin. Endless options from beta testers to mvp members.


Upload Videos and Photos to Google Drive »

It would be great if we could upload our screenshots and Videos to Google Drive or any other cloud services to have a copy with the original size and quality. FB and Twitter decrease the quality of the pictures.


PSN needs a better way to verrify an account holder's information. »

I have owned a playstation device since the very first playstation one, I was one of the first people in line for all four ps1 ,ps2, ps3 and ps4 systems paying $600 dollars for ps3 and ps4.$200 to $300 for ps1 and ps2. Now over the years I have accumulated games and movie content through the PSN and my system breaks down and I can not get my account information verified because of all of the bull shit hoops you have to jump through to do so I paid for this content and should be able to get it back on any other system I purchase with PSN on it , but it looks like I have lost all the money I spent on the content because you can not look up my account information with my name and the serial# associated with the account. This is BULL SHIT.....

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